Club History

Newport Chess Club was formed in the late 1980's at its present venue The Royal British Legion by two players from Shifnal Chess Club, Danny Griffiths and Klaus Waschmutt, and although there was a Chess club previously in Newport with some very strong notable players held at the towns Grammar school however it had ceased to exist some years before.

An advert was put in the local Newport Advertiser for anyone interested in playing chess to meet on its first night and several attended, Klaus kindly donated the chess sets and boards to get us going and we soon had enough players to enter into the Shropshire League its first team. The club gradually grew in numbers with many times Shropshire Champion Nick Rutter soon joining the club from Telford Chess Club and soon the club could field second and third teams. Newport chess club has always encouraged Juniors and over the years those Juniors have turned out to be some of the strongest players working their way up into the A teams playing Division one,

The A teams has won Division one many times and for quite a few years had the strongest team in the County, however players come and go people move home and youngsters go on to University so we are always on the lookout for new players young and old male and female

The club has always welcomed players of all strengths and all ages, as long as you enjoy a game of chess is all that matters.

Newport's Star Player


Nick Rutter has won the Shropshire Individual  9 times whilst being with us!

Previous Games

A Team League Results

201611stN Rutter, N Paul, C Lewis, S Maydew
201512ndN Rutter, N Paul, S Maydew, C Lewis
201412ndN Rutter, G Cooper, N Paul, S Maydew, C Lewis
201311stT Pym, N Rutter, G Cooper, N Paul, T Holdford
201212ndN Rutter, G Cooper, N Paul, T Holdford
201112ndN Rutter, A holdford, D Griffiths, S Cooper
201013rdN Rutter, T Pym, G Cooper, T Holdford
200916thN Rutter, T Pym, G Cooper, T Holdford, C Lewis
200815thN Rutter, T Pym, T Holdford, C Lewis
200711stN Rutter, T Pym, G Cooper, R Palmer, T Holdford
200611stN Rutter, T Pym, G Cooper, R Palmer, T Holdford
200513rdN Rutter, T Pym, G Cooper, A Holdford, D Griffiths
200414thN Rutter, T Pym, G Cooper, J Pym, S Cooper
199911stN Rutter, C Portman, R Archer, T Holdford, J Jeggo

B Team League Results

201717thA Ansari, D Griffiths, S Ross, C Paul
201622ndD Griffiths, A Ansari, S Ross, C Paul
201531stA Mehmood, D Griffiths, S Ross, C Paul
201427thA Mehmood, S Ross, D Griffiths, C Paul
201323rdA Mehmood, D Griffiths, S Ross, C Paul
201231stD Griffiths, A Mehmood, S Cooper, C Paul
201127thS Cooper, S Davies, P Broderick, D Lovegrove
201026thS Davies,  D Lovegrove, S Cooper, J Pym
200925thS Cooper, D Lovegrove, S Davies, K Richards
200826thJ Pym, D Griffiths, J Eadon, S Cooper, S Davies
200725thC Lewis, D Griffiths, S Cooper, S Davies, D Lovegrove
200625thD Griffiths, J Jeggo, J Pym, C Lewis
200526thR Palmer, J Pym, S Davies, S Cooper, C Lewis

C Team League Results

201735thD Lovegrove, P Broderick, M Price, W Gormley, M Moore
201633rdP Broderick, D Lovegrove, M Price, W Gormley, M Moore
201533rdP Broderick, D Lovegrove, W Gormley, M Price, M Moore
201434thP Broderick, D Lovegrove, W Gormley, M Price, M Moore
201335thP Broderick, W Gormley, S Davies, M Price, D Lovegrove
201234thP Broderick, S Davies, W Gormley, D Lovegrove, M Price
200636thS Davies, P Broderick, D Lovegrove, M Patterson

Junior Team League Results

201724thS Maydew, T Holford, E Zu, D Holmes, Z Maydew
201632ndE Zu, L Clarke, D Holmes, Z Maydew
201536thL Clarke, D Holmes, Z Maydew, E Maydew
201438thL Clarke, D Holmes, Z Maydew, E Maydew
2013No team
2012No team
2011No team
201037thJ Newey, J Allan, M Ricahrds, H Davenport
200935thA Taylor, A Mehmood, H Davenport, M Richards
200834thA Taylor, A Mehmood, H Davenport, M Richards
200736thA Taylor, A Mehmood, H Davenport, M Richards
200637thA Tylor, M Baulf, H Davenport, T Roe
200537thJ Pym, A Tylor, C Lewis, M Baulf
200437thC Lewis, A Taylor, M Baulf, H Daveport

Cox Trophy Success

Best Placed TeamYearPositionTeam
A Team20171stN Rutter, N Paul, C Lewis, I Jamieson
A Team20162ndN Rutter, N Paul, C Lewis, S Maydew
A Team20151stN Rutter, N Paul, S Maydew, C Lewis
A Team20142ndN Rutter, G Cooper, N Paul, C Lewis
A Team20131stN Rutter, G Cooper, N Paul, C Lewis
A Team20122ndN Rutter, G Cooper, N Paul, C Lewis
No Tournament2011
All Teams2010Round 1All teams eliminated round 1
B Team20097thD Lovegrove, R Szwajkun, S Szwajkun
A Team20083rdT Pym, N Rutter, A Holdford, C Lewis, A Taylor
Junior Team20072ndG Cooper, A Taylor, A Mehmood, D Morris, H Baulf
A Team20066thN Rutter, G Cooper, R Palmer, C Lewis, S Cooper
A Team20051stN Rutter, G Cooper, R Palmer, C Lewis, S Cooper
A Team19991st
A Team19951st
A Team19941st
A Team19931st
Church Stretton A won the final of the summer cup competition, the Cox Trophy, beating higher-rated Newport A by 2.5-1.5 in a match played at a neutral venue, the Telepost club in Shrewsbury.

Early winds for Tiago Faustino and Karl Wakefield put Church Stretton 2-0 ahead. Faustino managed to extricate his queen and evade Nathanael Paul’s attempts to trap it and emerged two pawns up to continue an unbeaten run stretching back to his first matches for the Stretton club in January. An exchange sacrifice by Nick Rutter on board one broke through for a fatal attack on Trevor Brotherton’s king, leaving Stretton Captain Steve Rooney needing at least a draw in the final game against Gavyn Cooper, as a match tie of 2-2 would have given the match to Newport under the countback rules. In the last encounter between the two at the start of the league season, Rooney won in a tense time scramble, and this game also went to the wire.

Rooney reports “Gavyn turned down one draw offer but eventually realised he couldn’t break through and offered one himself when we were both down to the last five minutes.”


Quickplay held at the Wrekin Housing Trust

Best PlacedYearPositionTeam
A Team20171stN Arkell, N Paul, I Jamieson, C Lewis, A Ansari
A Team20161stB Bates, N Paul, C Lewis, A Ansari
A Team20153rd
A Team20141stN Rutter, G Cooper, N Paul, S Maydew, C Lewis
A Team20133rd
Newport are Shropshire’s new quick-on-the-draw chess champions after scoring a convincing victory in the county’s annual rapid play tournament.

The Newport team took the trophy in decisive style, ending the hopes of Shrewsbury-based Telepost of scoring a hat-trick. Telepost had taken the title in the two previous years but the Newprt outfit f Nick Rutter, Gavyn Cooper, Nathanael Paul, Simon Maydew, and Chris Lewis were just too strong for the opposition, going through the tournament unbeaten.

They topped the table in the league stage and then saw off Telepost 4.5-0.5 in the semi-final. In the other semi-final Shrewsbury beat Telford 3-2, setting up a final between Newport and Shrewsubry.

Newport went into a 2-0 lead but then Matt best pulled a point back for Shrewsbury to raise the tension. Chris Lewis’ win against Ivor Salter on bottom board, however, put the issue beyond doubt.

Six teams entered the competition and players had to complete all moves of the game in 25 minutes.

The tournament was held at the Wrekin Housing Trust in Telford.

Organiser Toby Neal said “Newport were worthy winners on the day and few teams got any change from them. Chess at these time limits can get very frenetic which is all part of the gun”.

Minor Knockout Success

Best Placed TeamYearPositionTeam
B Team20162ndI Jamieson, D Griffiths
Junior Team20156thL Clarke, D Holmes, Z Maydew, E Maydew
B Team20142ndA Mehmood, S Ross, C Paul, D Griffiths
B Team20133rdD Griffiths, S Ross, C Paul, J Newey
B Team20124thD Griffiths, A Mehmood, C Paul
All Teams2011Round 1
No data2010
All Teams2009Round 1
B Team20082ndG Cooper, S Davies, A Mehmodd, S Cooper, D Lovegrove
Junior Team20075thA Taylor, A Mehmood, H Davenport, M Richards, H Baulf
No Data2006
B Team20054thR Palmer, J Pym, S Davies, C Lewis, Patterson

Grammar School Host UK International

Talented youngsters from across the midlands descended on a Newport school weekend commencing 15th January 2005 when it hosted a prestigious chess tournament. A field of 37 players from 16 schools across the region were at Adams’ Grammar School when it hosted the area final of the UK Chess International. And there was home support for five of the players, who are pupils at the school. Chris Lewis and Alex Taylor Made it into the under 14 competition while Max Baulf went from the earlier rounds in the under 13 competition. Joe Pym, under 18, and Huw Davenport, under 12, also got through from round one, which took place over half term in October. The young chess champs were competing for a place in the international final to be held at Easter.

Thomas Pym in Austria


Nick Rutter vs Nigel Short

Unity Cup

Round 1


Round 2


Newport retain the quickplay trophy - Shropshire Star 13/06/2017

Newport A were the class of the field as they cruised to victory in the Shropshire chess team quickplay tournament, retaining the trophy.

They beat a very strong Telepost A outfit in the final and it wasn't even close, with Newport quickly surging into an unassailable 3-0 lead in the running score over the five boards. Final result was: Newport A 4, Telepost A 1.
Newport's cause was aided by the recruitment of a guest player on top board, Nick Arkell, of Stourbridge, but even so they were outgraded overall against their Shrewsbury-based opponents, who had a strong guest themselves in the shape of Richard Bryant.
Detailed result was: Nick Arkell 1, Trevor Brotherton 0; Nat Paul 0.5, Nigel Ferrington 0.5; Ian Jamieson 1, Richard Bryant 0; Athar Ansari 1, Phil Zabrocki 0; Chris Lewis 0.5, John Bashall 0.5.
Shrewsbury beat Wellington 4.5-0.5 to take third place.
Six teams took part in the event at the Wrekin Housing Trust in Telford.