Newport Events

Local events open to all Shropshire Clubs are held at Newport throughout the summer holidays, at Christmas and at Easter. Cash prizes are on offer at most events and some will feature a full buffet (a small entry fee will be charged).

Rules for each type of event can be found here:

Blitz Tournament Rules

Exchange Tournament Rules

Crazy Chess Rules


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06/02/18 - Simultaneous (Keith Arkell)

25/08/17 - Blitz Event

17/08/17 - Crazy Chess Night

27/07/17 - Blitz Event

13/07/17 - Exchange Tournament

29/06/17 - Blitz Event

30/08/16 - Blitz Event

09/08/16 - Simultaneous

26/07/16 - Blitz Event

12/07/16 - Exchange Tournament

28/06/16 - Blitz Event