Blitz Tournament Rules

Newport Blitz Tournaments

A 7 round swiss blitz

Venue: Newport Chess Club
Start Time: 7.45

Entry Fee:

£2.50 /player
£1 for Juniors


1st Prize: 30%
2nd Prize: 20%
Grading Bracket 1: 10%
Grading Bracket 2: 10%
Grading Bracket 3: 10%
Grading Bracket 4: 10%
Newport Chess Club: 10%

Grading bracket 1 will be up to the lowest 1/5 of participating players. Grading bracket 2 will be up to 2/5. Grading bracket 3 up to 3/5. Grading bracket 4 up to 4/5.

Time Controls:

A handicap system will be employed.

220+      (1.5 min)
200-219 (2.5 min)
180-199 (3 min)
160-179 (4 min)
140-159 (5 min)
120-139 (6 min)
100-119 (7min)
99 and below (8min)

Grades will be determined using the most recent grading list and rapidplay grades will be used wherever possible.

On the 3rd evening the time control will be employing fischer time controls. Each player will start with 10 seconds on the clock but will gain additional time for every move that they make. A handicap system will still be employed.

220+      (3 additional seconds/move)
200-219 (4 additional seconds/move)
180-199 (5 additional seconds/move)
160-179 (6 additional seconds/move)
140-159 (7 additional seconds/move)
120-139 (8 additional seconds/move)
100-119 (9 additional seconds/move)
99 and below (10 additional seconds/move)


All standard rapidplay rules will apply with the following exception, if one player makes an illegal move, the opponent may stop the clocks and claim 2 minutes. However this exception will not be applied on the 3rd night so when using fischer time controls, the first illegal move loses the game.
In the event of a tie, the grading prize will be awarded to the lowest graded player.