Brain & Hand Rules

Venue:                   Newport Chess Club
Start Time:             7.45

Tournament Rules

  • A 6 round swiss tournament
  • Teams will be balanced by pairing the highest graded player entering on the night with the lowest grade and then the next highest with the next lowest. The most recent standard grading list will be used for this purpose. The "brain" and the "hand" must be rotated each round. There will be no entry fee/prizes. 

Rules of Brain & Hand


Team's are made up of 2 players. 1 player will be the "brain" and the other player the "hand". The "brain" calls out a piece (eg, Knight) which must have a legal move, and the "hand" then has to decide which knight to move. Otherwise all normal rules of chess apply.


Teammates may not communicate about the position or give any indication as to where they want a piece to go.

Time Control

10 minutes